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Hailing from Norway, post punk band Antipole, featuring Paris Alexander & Eirene,have released their debut full length record Northern Flux on Unknown Pleasures Records

Reviews from the album Northern Flux

Rule of Three

Track : October Novel

Christian Influences of Joy Division and The Cure have often been mentioned but that's not enough to describe Antipole’s music. October Novel demonstrates well how many corresponding melodic patterns can be woven together to create a dense atmospheric layer of guitar, rhythm, bass and emotion. While on top there is another layer of synth wave and almost dream-pop like vocals by Paris Alexander and Eirene - for me it is this contrast where the magic originates from. October Novel is a very lovely track while listening to it, however, as soon as the track ends it will explode in to a myriad of melodies in your mind that will pop up again throughout your day. Love it!

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After releasing Someday 45 and Narcissus as instrumental digital singles I had an idea of getting the songs remixed in a more electronic way. I asked DJ Mighty Ming (from Brighton) and he suggested to connect with Paris Alexander. He remixed Narcissus. Which I really liked and suggested to do more. Which we did, indeed. On Northern Flux the contributions from Paris Alexander and Eirene are extensive.

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Eclectic Music Lover

In an interview with Jeff Haight of the web magazine Overblown (which you can read here), Karl describes Antipole and some of the influences on their sound:

“I’m trying to create addictive, melancholic coldwave/post-punk. When I started Antipole in early 2014 the idea was to write melodies and record them in a way that they sounded like a post-punk band recording from 1982. I started recording songs again after I met Anne-Christel. She’s heavily into obscure post-punk old and new, and listening to that inspired me a lot. Obvious influences were and are New Order, Joy Division and The Cure. Not as obvious influences would be The Chameleons, The Sound and also newer bands like The KBV, Motorama and Mode Moderne. Whether the influences can be heard or not I’m not the one to decide. “Disintegration” by The Cure has been kind of a gold template to me. Very sad and emotional music, yet so beautiful. The songs have gotten more electronic after I started collaborating with Paris Alexander. He has also contributed a lot to song ideas/arrangements/writing and of course vocals plus writing his lyrics. Lately Eirene has also contributed a lot.”

One Man Standing

I have waited for the Antipole full length for quite some time and I can say that every minute of listening to it was worth its wait. The album has fantastic production quality, the perfect amount of emotion conveyed in every heavily picked guitar note and just the right amount of synth warmth when needed. Special guests Paris Alexander and Eirene lend their talents on multiple tracks and layer in perfectly to bring the perfect amount of life where it is needed in the track. Paris Alexander also produced, mixed and mastered this collection and all the levels and eq are perfectly balanced to taste and enhance the emotion.

Northern Flux is everything I wanted in a full length Antipole album and that is something you don’t get to say everyday when reviewing a new release. If this sets the gold standard for Antipole, then I don’t see anything but fantastic dark shades of platinum in the future.

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Client Reviews

karl morten dahl from antipole

'Working with Paris was such a breeze and the results way beyond imagined. Awesome and very talented with a lot of heart and emotion, full of wonderful ideas that added a lot to our songs.

'Paris is very professional, patient and easy to work with. He’s also very quick at his job, easy to talk to and very open minded to reviews and changes. He made our album Getting Frequent Now sound great!

'Looking forward to working with Paris again on our next album.

Darren laurence from legpuppy

'I had the pleasure of meeting Paris via YouTube, An appreciation for two artists with the same goal.

'However, I wasn’t aware of his awesome creative talent when it comes to remixing tracks until I heard a remix for the brilliant Antipole, which sounded as close to my all time fav band (New Order) as you’ll ever get.

'I sent him Black Light, my most popular and in many eyes, best track. He did a superb remix, adding guitars and giving the track a completely new edge. It was so good that Rusty Egan founder of Visage played it on his Radio Show.

'I was so pleased with the result I sent him another track, Utopia, my most played track on Spotify, this time the brief was slightly different. We had spent a day in the studio recording some brilliant vocals, but for me, the track sounded way to poppy and commercial. I wanted a more psychedelic sound. 

'Paris, got the brief completely, once again, he added guitars and some nice effects to lift the track. 

'Paris has a real talent, it won’t be long before there will be bands and artists queuing up to have their music worked on in one way or another.